Sneakers & Corporate Social Responsibility

Paris, 2005, Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion launched at Palais de Tokyo, the contemporary art museum, Veja. Veja are ecological sneakers (bags and accessories).
The sneakers are produced in Brazil. Veja buys cotton in the Northeast of Brazil from 138 families who live from organic farming.
2005, was it marketing ? What will happen after success ?
2010, Veja buys cotton from 320 families in Brazil. Their website starts like a manifesto.
"5 years on - The world understands that social issues and environmental crisis are now matters of urgency".
Their concept was not soluble in business success. They still want "to combine fair trade and ecology and link together economy, social initiatives and the environment".

Paris, 2008, 22 years old, Frédéric Mugnier and Nicolas Rohr launched Faguo that means France in Chinese or "The country of good manners and laws". Their unique means of communication were Internet, blogs and a facebook fan page. They sold out their first 5000 pairs in three weeks. The sneakers are produced in Asia. A tree is planted for each sold pair of shoes as a compensation act for the carbon statement.
Of course, the project seems less consistent and political than the Veja one. But we can see on their website their social actions with charities. We can feel an engagement and wish to "think different".

>>>I follow the blog "Doucement le matin". On Monday she wrote that a limited edition of Faguo sneakers designed by bloggers will be launched in March. Half of her benefits will go to a Cancer Association.

To me, a new generation of entrepreneurs is born lately. Of course, they are born with Internet, but also with the will to prove that we can succeed taking care of the world around.

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